How has GDPR enforcement played out in the past year?

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteitpersoonsgegevens, or AP) recently published a report on its 2018 activities.

The report highlights the growth of GDPR enforcement actions:

  • 27,000 people contacted the AP by telephone about the Privacy Act (2017: 9,500).
  • AP received more than 11,000 complaints.
  • AP handled 720 complaints and 298 data breach reports through an intervention such as sending a letter with an explanation of standards to an organization or having a discussion about standards.
  • AP completed 16 investigations and started 17 enforcement processes in 2018. These have led to sanctions.
  • AP received 781 international cases, such as complaints, data breaches and ex officio cross-border investigations originating from the Netherlands and other European regulators.

Details from the Dutch Data Protection Authority.