Canada has introduced a Digital Charter that will entail considerable changes to its privacy law, PIPEDA.

The principles are:

  1. Universal Access: equal opportunity to participate in the digital world and the tools to do so.
  2. Safety and Security: rely on the integrity, authenticity and security of services and feel safe online.
  3. Control and Consent: control over how and why data is shared and used.
  4. Transparency, Portability and Interoperability: clear and manageable access to data and freedom to share or transfer it.
  5. Open and Modern Digital Government: access modern digital secure government services.
  6. Level Playing Field: fair competition in the online marketplace.
  7. Data and Digital for Good: ethical use of data to create value, promote openness and improve lives.
  8. Strong Democracy: defend freedom of expression and protect against online threats and disinformation.
  9. Free from Hate and Violent Extremism: digital platforms will not foster or disseminate hate, violent extremism or criminal content.
  10. Strong Enforcement and Real Accountability: clear, meaningful penalties for violations of the laws and regulations that support these principles.

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