What is sold in Vegas, can be opted-out-of in Vegas.

Nevada’s new privacy law will go into effect October 1, providing consumers with a right to opt out of the sale of their personal information.

Key provisions:

  • Applies to an “operator of an Internet website or online service which collects certain items of personally identifiable information about consumers” in Nevada.
  • Contains carve-outs for financial institutions subject to GLBA, entities subject to HIPAA and certain persons who manufacture, service or repair motor vehicles.
  • “Consumer” is defined more narrowly than in CCPA to mean: “a person who seeks or acquires, by purchase or lease, any good, service, money or credit for personal, family or household purposes from the Internet website or online service of an operator.”
  • An operator that receives a verified request submitted by a consumer is required to refrain from selling any covered information.
  • “Sale” is defined more narrowly than in CCPA to mean: “the exchange of covered information for monetary consideration by the operator to a person for the person to license or sell the covered information to additional persons.”

Read the full text of the law.