“I strongly support legislation that would provide Connecticut residents with express and — frankly, overdue — privacy rights. My office has always maintained that consumers should have as much notice and control over the collection and use of their personal information as possible. Connecticut residents should be afforded the right to know, the right to

“Perfect is the enemy of the good where it comes to regulation of data privacy rights,”  agree both Washington State Sen. Reuven Carlyle and California Supervising Deputy Attorney General Stacey Schesser in the International Association of Privacy Professionals panel, “State of the States.”

Per Carlyle
  • The Washington Privacy Act (WPA) is coming back next year

An Arizona bill relating to personal data (HB 2865) was reintroduced on February 11, 2021  in the Arizona House of Representatives and passed its second reading on February 15, 2021.

Key provisions:
  • Carve out for employee and B2B data.
  • Uses both “personal data” and “personal information” terms.
  • “Sale” requires monetary consideration. A sale is presumed

A new consumer data protection bill has been introduced in the Virginia Senate.

Of note:

  • “Consumer” terminology is here to stay but the bill uses the General Data Protection Regulation’s terms “personal data” and “processor/controller” with the related obligations as well as some re: data processing agreements
  • Consumer rights including knowledge, access, rectification, deletion and

“Though it was hailed as a potentially groundbreaking bill, the New York Privacy Act (NYPA) failed to materialize during the state’s most recent session. Had it done so, the bill would have introduced a regulatory framework that rivaled or potentially even surpassed that of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the first major piece of

What is sold in Vegas, can be opted-out-of in Vegas.

Nevada’s new privacy law will go into effect October 1, providing consumers with a right to opt out of the sale of their personal information.

Key provisions:

  • Applies to an “operator of an Internet website or online service which collects certain items of personally identifiable