Where California leads, others follow.

Washington state legislators will push for new regulations governing data privacy and facial recognition in 2020, reports GeekWire. The rules apply to companies located in Washington and companies that target services to Washington customers. Businesses that derive more than 50 percent of their revenue from the sale or processing of personal data are also subject to the regulations, even if they have fewer than 100,000 customers.

Key provisions:

  • Consumers’ right to access, delete, correct and move their data.
  • Consumers’ right to opt-out of data collection.
  • Companies that collect personal information must be transparent.
  • Regular risk assessment for companies.
  • Limitation on use of facial recognition technology by state or local government.
  • Consent required for use of facial recognition in public spaces.
  • Enforcement by AG but no private right of action.

Details from GeekWire.