Prep for CCPA now, enjoy compliance later.

The Future of Privacy Forum’s Stacey Gray and Polly Sanderson’s comparison of two federal privacy bills shows that steps businesses are taking to comply with the CCPA will serve them well if a federal law is passed:

  • Revise your privacy notice; draft by category: Both bills require detailed public privacy policies, including: categories of data collected/transferred, processing purposes, retention practices, and how to exercise rights.
  • Address access requests: Both bills require companies to provide individuals with a copy “or accurate representation” of their data upon “verified request” and the names of third parties to whom it has been transferred.
  • Address delete requests: both bills require to correct or delete covered data of an individual and inform service providers and third parties of the request.
  • Mind your opt outs: both bills establish a right to object to certain data transfers.

Closer than Apart: Comparing Senate Commerce Committee Bills