If it’s not broker(ed) why fix it?

A new data broker bill has been submitted to the Washington State House of Representatives, following in the footsteps of Vermont and California.

Per the bill, a broker will be required to register in a central registry and indicate:
  • Name and address
  • If it permits an opt out of collection or sharing of personal information:
    • The method for requesting an opt-out
    • To which activities or sales the opt-out applies
    • Whether the consumer may authorize a third party to opt out on its behalf
    • List of what cannot be opted out of
  • Whether the data broker implements a purchaser credentialing process
  • A separate statement detailing the data collection practices, databases, sales activities, and opt out policies that are applicable to the personal information of minors (if applicable)
  • Any additional information that the data broker chooses to provide concerning its data collection practices

Read the full text of the legislation.

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