Washington state lawmakers have recast the proposed Washington Privacy Act for 2021.

“While the 2021 draft bill is similar to the 2020 version (Senate Bill 6281), its scope is broader and certain provisions appear to signal an effort to compromise on some of the contested issues. The draft 2021 WaPA includes new sections for “data privacy regarding public health emergencies” related to COVID-19 and the processing of personal information for automated contact tracing,” writes Catherine Cosgrove for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

“Given WaPA’s history, the lack of a private right of action may make this draft a non-starter. Review and comment on the 2021 WaPA also are likely to be influenced by other developments in U.S. privacy law, including the new federal privacy law introduced last week and California’s vote on the California Privacy Rights Act this November.”

Notably, the right to opt out is broader than the CCPA’s sale opt out and includes the processing of personal data “for purposes of targeted advertising… profiling in furtherance of decisions that produce legal effects concerning a consumer or similarly significant effects concerning a consumer.

Details from the IAPP.