Do look a data gift-horse in the mouth.

“Advertisers can only bulletproof identity solutions by insisting that technology partners demonstrate the provenance of their privacy cohorts without browser tracking,” says Ray Kingman, CEO at Semcasting, Inc..

“Regardless of which proprietary identity resolution option works out, advertisers need to be certain that the solution they choose allows them to continue first-party onboarding and third-party audience creation.”

“Platforms, lawmakers and, most importantly, consumers, have spoken. We’re changing the way we do privacy and identity, and that’s a fundamental change that requires a new foundation.”

“The hallmarks of that new foundation are informed consent, differential privacy and a federated ID system. A holistic identity process is one that is capable of ingesting data from anywhere and resolving that information in a way that respects privacy.”

“There are no workarounds for informed consent…Advertisers need to secure consumer permission before using their data, and they need to secure that permission transparently.”

Details from AdExchanger.