When the cookie’s away, the Connected TV (CTV) will play.

“With cookies going away, mobile identifiers being removed and the high pressure facing social platforms, I believe the CTV Device ID is going to become the center of the audience puzzle, providing the ability to link people and their devices in a secure way at the household level,”  says Publica Co-Founder and CPO Benjamin Antier in  AdExchanger.

“CTV provides the most secure tools for audience-based targeting because it is a “server-side” ecosystem. Once consent has been granted by the user, the app chooses which data points to send to the server. From there, no other application has access to the client to perform any data collection. The publisher is fully in control.”

“The true reason why $70 billion dollars are about to shift to the digital realm is because of the ability to inform buys with data that is no longer based on panels, but on secure, anonymized, privacy-compliant deterministic data.”

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