Addressable TV for the win?

“While streaming may be getting all the buzz, advertisers and agencies have also been leaning into addressable TV – the ability to deliver different ads to different households watching the same program… According to eMarketer, addressable TV advertising spend is expected to increase 75% to $3.6 billion by 2022.”

“Addressable allows advertisers to shift from targeting programs to targeting audiences instead, with targeted ads dynamically inserted at the household level through cable, satellite and IP TV delivery systems and set-top boxes.”

Digital addressable, says Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder of Innovid, allows advertisers to use data in real-time to serve TV ads. For example, a pharmaceutical company could buy a spot programmatically based on the pollen at a user’s location, and feature messaging that pointed to the pollen count being high within the commercial itself,” he said.

Details from AdExchanger.