“… Gathering consent on a connected TV requires striking a tricky balance between complying with the law, meeting consumer expectations, avoiding consent fatigue and not messing with the user experience.”

“Most consumers don’t read consent screens, privacy policies or T&Cs while they’re leaning back in their living room with a bowl of popcorn in their lap. People just want to watch TV. But if they click without reading, does that count as informed consent?”

“But it’s important to at least begin introducing the concept of consent collection for connected TV so that consumers are aware of the collection of their data,” says Romain Gauthier,  CEO and co-founder of Didomi, a consent management platform.

“By the same token, advertisers, publishers and ad tech vendors need a systematic, standardized way to collect and share consent signals.”

“It’s crucial that people be given an opportunity to say no and that it works when they do – that is the main role of a CMP (Consent Management Platform),” Gauthier said. “Many users might not care right now, but they might care in the future, and so we need to start educating them now.”

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