On device technology for the privacy win?

“On-device technology, although more nascent than authentication, fingerprinting or decentralization, actually holds the most promise,”  says Michael Brooks, SVP of revenue at WeatherBug.

“Although it will be implemented differently across different operating systems, on-device tech will likely be the framework of the open web going forward.”

“In today’s world, hundreds of companies append data to unique identifiers and then send those audiences flying around. But in an on-device world, the understanding of whether a user belongs in a certain targetable audience occurs on the phone, browser or within the SDK.”

“For example, a data partner can send information into an SDK about what constitutes an audience of auto intenders, and that data will never leave that device. The technology would make the connection to the audience based on what it knows about the user and perhaps surface them into a PMP, but the IDs won’t go anywhere.”

Details in this AdExchanger piece.