“In ad tech circles, fingerprinting is equally as insulting as the other F-word in primary school playgrounds. And so it should be, due to fingerprinting’s long-time association with intrusive, non-transparent and uncontrollable practices applied. In dark corners of the ad tech world, fingerprinting is used to create persistent identifiers without users’ knowledge or approval and to steal data from publishers,” – says Mathieu Roche, CEO of ID5.io.

…but is this a foregone conclusion or can it be cured by local storage?

“By implementing transparency, user consent, and data protection mechanisms at the core of user identification, we can expand above and beyond logins and create a truly scalable framework that works for users, publishers and brands.”

“The most scalable approach, is to use a combination of “soft signals” (including IP address, user agent, page URL, page referrers, etc.) combined with first-party storage mechanisms like first-party cookies or local storage and powered by algorithmic processes.”

Details in this AdExchanger piece.