The California Privacy Protection Agency is currently in the middle of multiple, undisclosed investigations, according to the agency’s executive director, Ashkan Soltani.

And that is in addition to the one probe of automakers that’s already been publicly announced.

According to a Bloomberg Law report, Soltani told a privacy conference he couldn’t go into specifics about the investigations. Still, he mentioned the agency’s enforcement priorities, which are serving as the basis for these new investigations.

Those priorities are privacy notices and policies, the right to delete and responses from businesses to consumer privacy rights requests.

Soltani also noted that the agency’s current and future enforcement decisions are being informed by complaints it receives.

Connected Car Inquiry

The focus of the agency’s announced automaker investigation won’t just be on car companies, but also third-party services that use car-collected data, Soltani said. The agency will also question whether effective notices are given to consumers about the technology in their cars because it’s uniquely hard for cars to provide opt-out options or other privacy actions to inform drivers as opposed to a website.

“The goal of the sweep is to really understand what businesses are doing and what business practices are in this area, and how they’re complying,” he said.