“What my bill aims to do is to provide a little bit more regulation, a little bit more oversight, into the information that is being collected on us, about us, every single day without our knowledge — a lot of times without our permission — and is being used in ways that can negatively affect our credit scores, our health insurance premiums, or car insurance premiums, and even what kind of cars and hotels you’ll be able to get into,” said Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Texas, author of the the Texas Privacy Protection Act (HB 4390).

He made the remarks in a public hearing held by the Texas House Committee on Business and Industry on House Bill 4390, also known as the Texas Privacy Protection Act, and House Bill 4518, also known as the Texas Consumer Privacy Act.

At the hearing, Michelle Beckley, D-Texas, raised concerns that federal legislation could take too long, stating that “right now, [federal legislation] seems like it’s just an idea, whereas we have something we can vote on. Beckley also added that states adopting their own data privacy laws could be the very thing that leads to a single national framework.

Details from the International Association of Privacy Professionals