“Regardless of origin, tech companies need to do better to protect the privacy of their consumers. Part of this is simply making users more aware of how data are being used. This is the rationale behind privacy policies. However, many users don’t read those policies. Developers need to build actual privacy protections into their apps. Additionally, app providers and platforms… should build in more safeguards for third-party apps.”

The takeaways become clear:

  • We need better privacy laws that address the new harms and risks arising from facial recognition, AI and machine learning, and other technological advances…
  • We need to regulate how data brokers can use the personal information they obtain.
  • We need safeguards against the practical harms that invasions of privacy can cause; that could mean, for example, limiting the use of facial-recognition algorithms for predictive policing.
  • We also need laws that give individuals power over data they have not voluntarily submitted.

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